The Ultreya® in the toughest test lab in the world
– Badwater® 135 Ultramarathon in Death Valley –

Of course, you can test new running shoes in the lab. But that’s not #runabovereason.

That’s why we flew to where the toughest athletes in the world meet: As official supplier to the “2022 Badwater 135” in America’s Death Valley.

For those who run above reason.”

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For almost one year, an experienced team of biomechanists and world-renowned experts in running technology and footwear science worked to create a running shoe that makes the greatest dream of serious runners come true: to run for a lifetime.

Nature. Perfected!

Our secret recipe behind it: toefreedom® and the innovative nmblFoam® sole blend natural anatomy and technological innovation into perfect harmony!

Direct Injection and Dual Density
The difference for runners and the environment

The Ultreya

Because we believe you deserve a lifetime of running.


Dramatically improves your Propulsive stability

The Ultreya is a quantum leap in running shoe design and benefits from four decades of technological innovation in toefreedom®. A wider, anatomically correct toe box allows the toes to splay and perform their natural stabilizing function during the ground contact and push-off phase of running, preventing the problem of ‘overpronation’ and its associated injuries.


Consistently delivers cushioning & energy return

The innovative nmblFoam® midsole cushioning technology was especially developed for Joe Nimble by one of the leading manufacturers of polyurethanes and not only ensures high energy return but moreover continuously consistent cushioning parameters even under high and long loads.

Heel Design

Naturally transitions your foot from impact to propulsion

With the innovative heel design, which is based on the natural, rounded shape of the heel bone, the Ultreya promotes a smooth and cushioned landing during the shock absorption phase and supports a stable push-off in the propulsion phase.

Gekko sole design

Securely interacts with the ground

The outsole design, based on the principles of biomimicry on a Gekko foot, enables safe, non-slip running on asphalt.

In Runners World Magazine (Germany issue 4/22) running shoe test awarded with „BEST DEBUT“: “No other current midsole foam feels as reactive.” / “The foot stabilizes itself because the sole leaves the space for it.”

“The world´s toughest footrace.”

Our shoes are made for serious runners, by serious runners:

Sebastian Bär – Head of Joe Nimble & Lee Saxby – Biomechanist

That´s why we´re constantly advancing the science of running and improving our products to help our tribe do what they love most – RUN.

Our shoes are made for those who run above reason.
Because we believe you deserve a lifetime of running.